Duplicate Your CDs with Speed & Accuracy

dbVisionWorks' duplications services produce high-quality, retail-ready copies
of your audio or
data CDs.

Where do you turn when you need to turn a master CD into 5, 10 — or even 150 high quality copies?

dbVisionWorks, of course!

With our high-speed duplication process,
we can produce short runs of professional quality CDs with all of the features you need, including:

  • duplication
  • 4-color CDs — one or two-sided
  • professional, laser-printed liners
  • 2- and 4-panel jewel cases for single and double CDs
  • individual shrink wrapping
  • retail-ready computerized bar coding

We create your CDs using a copy transferred to our hard drive to preserve the quality of your master. When you need professionally copied audio or data CDs, there's no substitute for the features and quality you get from dbVisionWorks.