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listen to 'the Haven'
The peaceful music and soothing voice of The Haven leads you gently back to your center, helping you find what is missing and meaningful in your life.

Imagine taking 15 minutes a day to renew body, mind & spirit. With BanyanTree guided meditations, it's as easy as closing your eyes and breathing...

BanyanTree Productions takes it's name from an Asian fig tree. Legends in India claim it was the Banyan Tree that sheltered the Buddha as he sat in meditation after coming to enlightenment.

A Banyan tree begins as a seed
dropped high in a host tree by a
passing bird. The Banyan sprout then sends branches upward to the light,
and aerial roots downward to nourishment and support from the earth. A single Banyan tree can become a whole community up to 1500 feet in circumference as the aerial roots intertwine and form arcades.


Awaken the spark of light and love that lives just behind your heart with Healing. Release anything that impedes full health and gift yourself the gift of healing energy from within.

At BanyanTree, we hope our music and meditation plant a seed that help you grow toward the light and seek the deep nourishment that contributes to the growth of a healthy, peaceful community.

Benefits of Music with Guided Imagery
 · Relief from tension, anxiety and physical symptoms of many kinds as
you return to a natural, relaxed state of mind and body that supports wellness.
 · Increased imagery effectiveness and richness.
 · Both multisensory positive imagery
and music engage the right side of the brain where emotions live, deeply involving the whole self to help mind
and body heal.

BanyanTree's music is sensitively composed and performed to support the specific objective of each guided meditation experience.

Are you ready to
re-experience the pleasures of a sweet nighttime lullaby? Night Song frees the spirit within each of us that remembers the peace attainable when we simply slow down long enough to seek it.

Soothe yourself with full body relaxation, tranquil imagery of nature, restful music and a calm voice to reassure that "all is well…."

Purchasing Guided Mediations from BanyanTree
The Haven, Healing and Night Song are available for $15 on CD or $10 on cassette tape. All order include a $5 shipping and handling fee.

The Soothing Sounds of Flute Guitar is also available for $15 CD or $10 cassette tape. All order include a $5 shipping and handling fee.